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  • Each High School entering needs to send in a video of them singing and performing their School Anthem as a group of more than 10 students.
  • It is compulsory that each High School incorporate these four elements: HOP HOP, RAP, DANCE and CREATIVITY. So yes, have parts that are sung, parts that are rapped, get some dancers or dance groups involved and be creative.
  • Each entry will be reviewed prior to being embedded onto the REP FM website for public viewing and voting poll
  • Before an entry can be accepted and approved as an official entry, we will need to sight a letter of support from your school music teacher.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your entry can be either uploaded to your official High School Facebook page or YouTube and you MUST send us a link of our entry via email to comp@ayebro.co.nz.


  • We will embed all approved videos from all High Schools that have sent in entries – We will notify you on the date
  • We will provide a close date for all entries
  • We will then put up a poll a week after all entries have been uploaded for everyone to vote on who they think had the best Anthem Challenge
  • We will then announce the winner online – All will be notified about important dates prior to uploading and voting polls.
  • Like the Rep FM FB page and use the hash tag #RepYourSchool


Winning School from the ‘High School Anthem Challenge’ will get their Schools Anthem recorded professionally by the Otara Passion To Profession music students and recorded at OMAC studio. Your schools video will be shot and edited by the Otara tutors company ‘Rock Solid Visualz‘ at your school for your school to #RepYourSchool. Prize package is worth $10,000.