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Welcome to The NO Requests Mixshow with your host DJ-REGZ every Thursday 5-7pm on

coming up Thursday 22nd May we got a Special Guest Dj formally known as Selekta Q now currently known as JIMMY HANDTRIX so tune in…


Since 1997 Selekta-Q has been a keen enthusiast of the dj / tablist scene entering numerous dj battles over the next few years placing 3rd in the Auckland scratch battle show down in 2003. Mentoring from well established dj CXL (Illegal Musik) from the early stages of his career has helped carve the way for his own unique style. Over the first few years of the Millennium Selekta performed at a variety of events all over New Zealand including Skate Demos & Outdoor events, college after balls and also hosting his own M.C. Battle and various residency spots. Linking up with FCA crew early, 2004 with Blaze-1 (also an original potheads member) working on small mix tape and track collaboration projects along the way meeting long time family friend of Blaze, T-13 (PHD). 2010 Selekta hooks up with T-13,Anime and Zone-1 to enhance the PHD sound going on to release the debut self titled PHD album in Feb 2011 with a 3 and a half star rating in the Rip it Up album reviews followed by the Permanent Head Damage & Free Booze Mixtape and the 2014 release Sex Drugs & HipHop vol 6. Selekta has now also opened for major international acts including Dizzee Rascal, Dead Prez and GZA(genius)WU-TANG & small tour to Australia late 2012. mixtape Releases for other local artists in the works now stay tuned………………..